IRControl Version 2.90

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IRControl Version 2.90

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Hy together
We just release the version 2.90 of IRcontrol. In addition to bug fixing, we have the following new functionality:
  • With the new WebView Control you can integrate a HTML File or also a web page (http) in IRControl. Javascript can be used to implement an interaction from the HTML page to the IRControl app. Events on the control can be used to call Javascript functions on the HTML page.
We also will start releasing the first ipacs (installation packages) soon. An ipac is an installation file, with a complete configuration for one or more devices. You will be guided for the integration into your system environment while importing. The idea is to offer configurations vor common device types that are ready to use, especially for users who do not necessarily need or want an individual design.

The functionality for running ipacs is fully available in the Plus version. In free version of IRControl you can test ipacs with a limitation of 14 days. In IRControl Executor there is also a free trial period of 14 days. After this period, it needs an ipac license, which can be purchased as an InApp product.

Have fun ...
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