Broadlink Mini 3 and Sony Soundbar

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Broadlink Mini 3 and Sony Soundbar

Post by vmanthegreat » 08 Jan 2020, 16:49

Hi guys, new to this forum, just got the Broadlink Mini 3 and set it up yesterday with the latest ihc app on Android.
I understood exactly what it does and it's limitations (for 30$ still it's a great value).
So main limitation, I guess everyone knows that it doesn't have in it's DB for devices specific INPUT buttons for each HDMI input just an input "toggle" for my LG TV or my Sony Soundbar (HT-X8500).

No worries many people uploaded their custom "remotes templates" and by trying like 50 of them was able to find one with the HDMI inputs for my TV and one with INPUT1 on my Sony soundbar or (TV).

I'm missing the switch to INPUT2 or (HDMI) on my soundbar directly or INPUT 3 : (Bluetooth).
Tried so many until my eyes went red last night.

Q1. Any help would be appreciated, custom IR codes or someone who did this and was succsessful matching the specific inputs with direct buttons?

Q2. Also how can I tell my assistants (either Google Mini or Amazon Dot, the custom "scenes" that I created in the "IHC" app?) I did connect Google Home with IHC but can't find.
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Re: Broadlink Mini 3 and Sony Soundbar

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Sorry, for my late answer. Maybe you can simply try out, which IR code works. If you can analyze the sequence you have the protocol, device and subdevice. Then you can try all function codes. There is a special UI (see ... ink-rm-pro - Broadlink Device Send Test - exactly for this use case.

kind regards,

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