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Multiple inquries/requests

Posted: 27 Dec 2020, 06:46
by Marbieskarb

I've been using IRControl for sometime now and I almost have it configured they way I'd like.

The first thing I will mention is a couple of issues that I am having:

After my phone wakes up from sleep, my configured actions no longer work through the TCP Gateway that I have setup. I have to "Restart IR Control System?" in order for the actions to work again after the phone wakes.

My phone is set to stay connected to WiFi while the device sleeps so, I'm uncertain as to what problem is? Also, I have no issues with with TCP communication on my phone after it wakes from sleep when using a few other programs that I have tested just to be sure it was something strange going on with my network.

Note: This happens in IRControl on BOTH Android AND iOS. Multiple Android devices and iOS devices have been tested with the same result

Can you provide some assistance with that please?

Also, I have a Web View implemented and everytime I go to another page within IRControl and come back to the page with the Web View, it refreshes. Now, this may be by design but, I have a Logitech Media Server web UI embedded and when I navigate and go deeper into the content structures then switch to another page within IRControl and then come back to the Web View page, all my progress is reset and I'm back at home.

Is this something that could be prevented by a setting or option?

Next, I see that the latest update for IRControl states "Actions can be configured for the device volume buttons." However, I can't find anywhere within the program where this can be accomplished? I checked the manual and couldn't find anything listed there on that either.

Could you please advise on how to bind actions to the volume buttons?

Next, are a few feature requests.

1. Please add a Navigation Pad "Double Tap" gesture. Would multi-touch be possible as well (i.e. two finger gestures?)
2. Please add an option to repeat actions by holding a button down.
3. Please add a "Edit page Fragments" option within the Setup menu to allow ALL Fragments on a current page to be edited quickly without having to perform the lengthy 6 step process below each time you want to edit something...

Swipe to access the menu or tap the setup button >> Setup IRControl >> Pages >> Select the desired page >> Select the desired Fragment >> Select the edit icon.

Instead, you can just swipe to access the menu or tap the setup button >> Edit page Fragments.

Thank you for your assistance and consideration!

Re: Multiple inquries/requests

Posted: 29 Dec 2020, 16:13

There is an known issue if the Android OS does remove an App (when it is in background) from memory. The reinitialisation process is not executed in this case. You have to completely restart the App. We will provide an update in January for this. We didn't know that this also occures with iOS. We will check this.

Maybe the WebView will be reinitialised from the Android OS. Actually I can't say if it is possible to have influence on this. We will clarify this.

Actions can be configured for the hardware volume control buttons in the fragment settings of Main Fragment of a page.

To your suggestions:
1. we will implement it
2. Maybe this works already with the timing function. I will check this
3. This idea we had allready, but we didn't have a good idea how to implement. We will think about it again.

kind regards,
Urs Bratschi

Re: Multiple inquries/requests

Posted: 04 Jan 2021, 21:47
Hi there again

Repeating on a button does only work when 1 Infrared Action (not more) is configured and trigger is set to timing. Is this enough for you as soluition? What do you want exactly execute in this case?

kind regards,

Re: Multiple inquries/requests

Posted: 06 Jan 2021, 07:33
by Marbieskarb wrote: 04 Jan 2021, 21:47 Hi there again

Repeating on a button does only work when 1 Infrared Action (not more) is configured and trigger is set to timing. Is this enough for you as soluition? What do you want exactly execute in this case?

kind regards,

Thank you for your reply!

Can this be done for a TCP Gateway or a HTTP Gateway target as well?

If not, I will just have to continue to use EventGhost?

I was able to accomplish repeating Actions for my IR Target (Broadlink) using the timing Trigger.

However, I seem to be getting a UDP Error randomly from time to time when sending Actions to my Broadlink device so, the communication is sketchy.

Log Level: ERROR
Log Category: Gateway Communication
Message: UDP Error on Gateway broadlink-01:SocketTimeoutException

Then I get another error...

Log Level: ERROR
Log Category: Network
Message: Error while sending HTTP request

Is there any way to rectify this? It appears that when I get these errors, my commands stop working for a period of time but, eventually start working again.

Same errors yielded on both Android and iOS. Used different Wireless bands and Access points as well.

Note: No issues when using the Official Broadlink app.



Re: Multiple inquries/requests

Posted: 09 Jan 2021, 10:38

I think we implement a repeat function for buttons for all command types. Because all the supported infrared transmitter does have different mechansim to repeat signal transmission it is not so easy to implement a mechanism that works for all situations. The Logitech Harmony Hub for has for example a begin and an end command you have to send to it. The global cache transmitters does support repeat codes for the infrared protocol having this option - but you have to handle it yourself. We will think about how to implement this.

You can't prevent transmission errors while communicate with a device over the wlan or a network. But there are different ways to treat them. Of course you can open for each call a separate connection independent, if a priviously sent command was finished correctly or not. The problem is that in this case you can't ensure that if you send a sequence of commands they will be sent in the right order by the transmitter. You also do not determine if the device is overfeed with commands, it's input buffer is full and commands get lost.
The other question is how long you set the timeout for waiting of the response. If you set it to short, probably the answer get lost (for example if you control some devices over VPN). But as you can see, it is could make also problems if it is to long. Generally it would be possible to make this all configurable, but we have anyway already the problem that our App is too complicate for most people and we try to make it easyier and not even more complicate with configuration option that most of users do not understand.
We do totaly understand you, that you are not lucky with this behaviour, but you can see it is not so easy to solve, beacause other problems will occure.

kind regards,