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Retentive state button

Posted: 31 Dec 2020, 01:52
by sgabrio
Using your StateButton example, I created a state button to select between two audio sources. It works fine but the problem I have is that it always defaults to the "off" state. For example, if I press the button so it's in the "on" state and then change pages (such as Main) and then return to the original page, the button will be in the "off" state.

Is there a way to make the State Button retentive so the button will remain in the state it was in when returning to the page?

I'm trying to accomplish this with StoreGlobalVar and GetGlobalVar but am a little confused how to use them. Do you have an example?

Re: Retentive state button

Posted: 04 Jan 2021, 21:36

There is acutally no way to realize such a state that longer persists as the page is displayed. GlobalVars acutally work only for a secific requirement for controlling the allbot roboter.

I think this is a requirement that makes sense to implement. We will release anyway a new version that is planed for the end of January. We will think about how to implement the solution for this requirement.

kind regards,