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Re: Iphone problem

Posted: 17 Feb 2021, 20:40
Hi Claudio

We hat some technical problems with the new SDK Version, but it should be solved now. I think we can release the Executor versions until the next week and the other versions one week later.

kind regards,

Re: Iphone problem

Posted: 17 Feb 2021, 23:25
by Inthouse
Hi Urs
Please try to release the Executor version as soon as possible. My clients are impatient!

Re: Iphone problem

Posted: 26 Feb 2021, 00:39
by Inthouse
Hi Urs
Today I was at my client and installed IRControl Executor vr.3.13 for IOS.
Before that, I completely uninstalled the previous IRC to clear all data.
The iPhone 11 promax and iPhone12 showed the same error when loading the IRC for the first time, freezing on the initial screen (see attached)

So we tried to install on 2 other new iphones (IPhone X and iPhone XR), the same problem!

The IRC does not load at all, it is on this screen all the time with the message "loading".
I don't know what else to do, my client bought 4 licenses and cannot use IRC !!!
Please check what may be happening.
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