License not found error ...

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License not found error ...

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Hello folks,

I had a very difficult time to recover from an error screen that popped up. This may not be the exact words but it was very much like this

"License not found"

This happened after the "non internet" Wi-Fi went down for a day.
The only way to recover seemed to be "many" restarts of the Android tablet.
Is there a way to ensure this doesn't happen again.
I am using it to control the equipment in a university Cinema (classroom)
The professors were unable to recover from this error pop-up, so called me.
Thanks again for the cool software. So far, in 2 months of running this has been the first issue encountered, but it's a big one for us.

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Re: License not found error ...

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Hi Lloyd

Sorry for the late answer.

This is correct, the license will be checked while startup of IRControl. At least every 10 days the license check must pass through and be valid.

This behaviour is highly recommended by Google and from our point of view also absolutely necessary. There is as we know no way to bypass this behaviour (otherwise it would be worthless)

Maybe if you need only a runtime envirenment in this constellation, you could work with the IRControl Executor. It contains only the runtime part of IRControl, but it's free and therefore without license check.

kind regards,

Urs Bratschi
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