IRControl Version 2.0

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IRControl Version 2.0

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Version 2.0 of IRControl was just released. The new features are:

Main features:
  • Brodlink RM Pro (infrared transmitter) support
  • Philips Hue (Lan gateway) support
  • OpenHab 2.0 support
  • Google Chromecast support
  • Macro recorder / macro wcheduler
  • Android widgets (user defined design)
  • Android notifications (user defined design)
  • Learn mode for IRTrans transmitters
  • IRControl Executor App for Android devices with small Screens.
  • Infrared sequence analysis tool (for Broadlink und IRTrans infrared transmitters)
Minor features:
  • Composites can be loaded within the layout editor
  • Netzwerk device monitoring
  • New design template theme (lilac)
  • Order of TV channels can be changed
  • New button styles (border, shadow)
  • 3D effect on buttons
  • Gateway installation wizard
If you have questions, please post it in this discussion forum.

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