IRControl 2.10

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IRControl 2.10

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Hi there .....

We just released Version 2.10 of our App IRControl. The new features are:

- Import/Export Tool
- Support of MyStrom Bulb
- ViedeoControl for displaying videostreams (mjpeg)
- HTTP Service to load images in a Image Controls
- Name on networt will be displayed on gateways if possible

- Chromecast Device is changed
- MulticastDNS messages will no more written into log output
- Rename of MyStrom Gateway to MyStrom Switch
- openHab Things will be reloaded while adding an new device
- Save Button does no more exist in configuration mode.
- Display of page file on the layout view
- Disabling of controls that can't be used for widgets
- Please Wait message when a page is loded in Setup.
- For IDs, it's now possible to use space, slash and backslash as character.
- MyStrom Device can be generated while creating a new MyStromg Gateway.
- Button Layout in ZapControl
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